Hajime Sano on GitHub

Here is my portfolio that introduce my own projects and repositories contributed to.

Digital Analytics & Data Marketing


The realtime stream data processing toolkit for digital marketing. (still early stage in development)


When I work for the large media company, I invented the realtime stream data processing platform for digital marketing and built it on AWS. The code is partially public now.

Twitter Analysis

Marketers want to analyze tweets which contain keywords or links related to their brands. To get the trend data or to visualize tweets by aggregating some variables, it's better if tweets are stored in Elasticsearch. So I created scripts to accumulate tweets from Twitter Search API and prepared Docker images to help you build the environment.


Google Home to speak Slack message

Do you wish to make your Google Home actively speak? By using the following two scripts (or Docker images), your Google Home will read and speak the message posted to specified channels on Slack. The device is Google Home but the voice is generated by Amazon Polly. I tested these on Mac, Raspberry Pi and Synology.